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Thinking of picking up a new rabbit vibrator? With so many option and price ranges to choose from, sometimes this can be a daunting task. What should your realistic expectations come be when you’re looking at the cost of rabbit vibrators? Do you really get more for your money? Before you spend your hard earned cash on a potentially high end sex toy, you should definitely do your research. Here’s a brief key to what styles of rabbit vibes are available, depending on your budget.

Lower End – For under $40, you can still get a rather good rabbit vibe. The majority of rabbits at this end of the scale have your basic features found in all models – a single phallic shaped shaft with a ‘rabbit’ shaped extension that stimulates the clit. While the rabbit itself typically always has a vibrator inside, some lower end rabbits also have vibrations in the main shaft as well. Most of these lower end models have multiple vibration settings, including variations on the vibe pattern and speed. Lower end vibes are usually powered by multiple AA or AAA batteries.

Mid-Range – In the middle of the price range, you start to get added features for your rabbit vibrator. Those that fall into this cost category almost always have both a vibrating shaft as well as a rabbit. In addition to the speed and pattern options on the vibrations, you may also have shafts that move up and down in a penetrating motion. Some models have additional stimulation points like rotating beads in the shaft itself. Most of these models are battery powered, while a few at the higher end of the range may be rechargeable.

Luxury – A the very top of the rabbit vibe cost spectrum are models that will run you over $100. These are toys that will satisfy you in more ways than you can count. Most of the models in this price category are rechargeable and can last for more than one session per charge, like the Lelo Ina 2. In addition to the multiple vibration patters and additional stimulation points, these toys are made with higher quality materials such as silicone. A few luxury rabbit vibes will have a third arm for anal stimulation, while other modes are remote controlled. Hand the remote over to your lover for a totally new experience! The OhMiBod Freestyle W actually hooks up to your MP3 player and mimics the beat of the music. Now that’s one sensory experience!

How do you decide which range of rabbit vibrator is right for you? It can be a difficult balancing act of getting the qualities that you want without breaking the bank. We really do feel that sex toys are certainly one of those items where spending more will definitely get you a higher quality and longer lasting product. It’s all down to you whether you’re looking for something deliciously simple, or has all the bells and whistles that a woman could ever ask for!