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Subtle, sophisticated and undeniably sexy, the stunningly handcrafted eyemasks and veiled headbands from Vibedream’s Signature Collection invite mystery, sensuality, beauty and fun into the boudoir or ballroom. 

Vibedream’s Hidden Passion Headband strikes a delicate balance between irresistibly adorable and undeniably sexy. Whether you are feeling seductive or playful, this handcrafted lace-covered mouse-ear headband, splattered with Swarovski crystals will make you unforgettable.

Hidden Passion Headband - Velvet

Hidden Passion Headband – Velvet

Hidden Passion Headband - Crystal

Hidden Passion Headband – Crystal

Stunning Surrender Veiled Headband

Stunning Surrender Veiled Headband

The veil is timeless and current, seen everywhere on the Paris runways for Spring 2015. The most beautiful veiled headband can be found here. Vibedream Stunning Surrender Veiled Headband is constructed of the finest tulle and crowned with a delicate feminine bow, this exquisite veiled headband features a sexy veil perfectly draping the face and framing alluring eyes, while concealing just enough to entice and delight.

Giambattista Valli Spring 2015 Couture Collection

Giambattista Valli Spring 2015 Couture Collection

Beautifully crafted from the softest ivory lacy, an elegant satin tie holds the Risqué Temptation Eyemask in place, so it sits perfectly while flattering the face and concealing your identity.  This luxurious accessory will make you the belle of the ball or the beguiling beauty in the bedroom.

Risqué Temptation Eyemask - Ivory

Risqué Temptation Eyemask – Ivory

The ultra-luxurious Risqué Temptation Eyemask—hand crafted from the finest lace—beautifully conceals the eyes while flattering the face. A must-have for the Vibedream Goddess this sexy veil transform you into a mysterious and highly fashionable femme fatale.

Risqué Temptation Eyemask - Black

Risqué Temptation Eyemask – Black

Midnight Sparkle Eyemask by Vibedream is a whimsical and luxurious eye tie, specially handcrafted of 100% silk with for Vibedream, featuring the closed batting eye motif made out Swarovski crystals.  This mask is equally appropriate while resting on a plane or driving your lover insane with delight and lust. Available in Black or Ivory.

Midnight Sparkle - Ivory

Midnight Sparkle Eyemask – Ivory

Midnight Sparkle Eyemask - Black

Midnight Sparkle Eyemask – Black

Whichever Vibedream Eyemask or Veiled Headband you choose to wear, you will set the stage for an evening of drama and intrigue, take the dare!

Get one for every night and your future will be bright! Buy them HERE!