Behold the Outrageously Sexy Leather “Lady Hips” Belt — Legendary January 23, 2015 – Posted in: Accessories, Apparel, Fashion, Gift, Lingerie – Tags: , , , , ,

Sometimes the Vibedream Goddess wants to create a more dramatic erotic statement than that which can be accomplished through the more traditional delicate garter belts, corsets and stockings.  While we love our lacy lingerie, sometimes we long for the jaw dropping effect that the uber-sexy “Lady Hips” belt has on our lover, especially on those special occasions, like the rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day. The exquisite “Lady Hips” belt demonstrates designer Úna Burke’s phenomenal ability to create wearable work of art, using traditional leather working techniques.

Purple "Lady Hips" Leather Belt by Úna Burke

Purple “Lady Hips” Leather Belt by Úna Burke

The “Lady Hips” belt is showstopper, and gives the wearer a dramatic and incredibly seductive silhouette. Designed by Úna Burke for Lascivious, the exquisite piece contains strips of vegetable tanned leather, entwined into strategically placed voluminous points at the hip, and fixed with Italian brass fittings. Both visually captivating and beautifully made, “Lady Hips” is more than an accessory, but a treasure. Kind of like how the Vibedream Girl is always more than a trophy, but the STAR!

Black "Lady Hips" Leather Belt by Úna Burke for Lascivious

Black “Lady Hips” Leather Belt by Úna Burke for Lascivious

Either in purple or black, once you wear the “Lady Hips,” there is no turning back! Buy it HERE and take your seduction to the next level.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you of the devastating effect you will create. Enjoy!