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A Kinky Girl’s Guide To Squirting

A Kinky Girl’s Guide To Squirting….. Have you ever watched those porn videos where the girl gushes loads of fluid while she’s having an orgasm? Sure, some of them are staged, but for other lucky ladies, female ejaculation is a reality. So what is it – and more importantly, how can you get your own body to quirt? Most ladies can accomplish this one way or another, so here are a few tips and tricks…

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How to Plan Out your Perfect Threesome?

If you’re like many couples out there, you may have had the titillating discussion of involving a third person in your relationship. Some couples never move past this verbal fantasy, while others actively seek a third person for a polyamorous relationship. Getting the details for your very first threesome right the first time is a great way to be sure this experience is a positive one. Here are our suggestions on how to plan out…

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What to Do When He Wants to Receive?

  What to Do When He Wants to Receive? For some ladies, finding out that their male lover wants to try anal sex can be somewhat confusing. What to Do When He Wants to Receive? No, we aren’t talking about giving anal sex – as in receiving. We’re here to tell you that this doesn’t mean that he’s gay (or even bi). What it does mean is that he wants a part of his body stimulated…

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