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Playing With Matches

Whether you’re back on the dating scene after years in a committed relationship, to someone looking for the first love of your life, dating can be a stressful experience. Many turn to online dating services after they’ve exhausted their options when it comes to club pickups, blind dates set up by friends and even those kitschy speed dating events. When New Yorker Dylan Fitzpatrick decides to take the plunge into internet dating, the results are…

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Sensory Play For Beginners

For those of you who have read the Fifty Shades series, you may remember a scene where Anastasia was tied to the bed, blindfolded, and had music playing through ear buds set into her ears. You may think that because this scene didn’t involve pain (at least right away) that it’s not a form of BDSM – but it is. “Sensual play” – also known as “sensation play” or “sensual BDSM” is a form of…

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