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Vibedream helps to pack 4 Cruise Ship Vacation –

Vibedream helps to pack for your Cruise Ship Vacation. Anchors Aweigh: Cruise Ship Vacation by vibedream featuring Kriss Soonik Lingerie in Electric Blue or Orange/Sunset in lace ans so sexy Juvia slimming tank top $54 – Reversible shorts Sophia Webster patent shoes $640 – Humble Chic nautical bracelet N2 By Les Nereides pink bracelet Silvia Lace Bra Electric Blue Maike Lace Knickers Electric Blue Cruise Text Essie

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Pack and Go: Mexico City is Waiting!

Pack and Go: Mexico City is Waiting! by vibedream featuring MARC BY MARC JACOBS Maike Lace Knickers Electric Silvia Lace Bra Sunset/ Maike Lace Panty Sunset/ Silvia Lace Bra Electric

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Recovering From These Three Embarrassing Sexual Moments

Has this ever happened to you – in the middle of a super steamy sex session you do something totally cringe worthy? Have you ever wanted to go and hide right in the middle of performing oral sex? Have you stopped intercourse because of a social faux pas? Here are three embarrassing sexual scenarios – and how the participants could have handled them. Passing Gas During Sex – From Any Number Of Holes: The act…

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Sensory Play For Beginners

For those of you who have read the Fifty Shades series, you may remember a scene where Anastasia was tied to the bed, blindfolded, and had music playing through ear buds set into her ears. You may think that because this scene didn’t involve pain (at least right away) that it’s not a form of BDSM – but it is. “Sensual play” – also known as “sensation play” or “sensual BDSM” is a form of…

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