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Candy Colors


These Candy Color Vibrators and Yes the are rechargeable.

Lelo Tiani 2

JimmyJane Form 2

Lelo Elise 2

Lelo Ina 2

Lelo Mona 2


When you look at some of the highest quality sex toys on the market, the majority of them have the ability to be recharged. But are rechargeable vibrators really worth the extra price? For some, there’s no substitute for a freshly charged toy. Others have different ideas though, and would rather balance out a higher price with changing batteries. Before you make your own decision, here are the pros and cons for rechargeable sex toys.
Pros: We don’t know about you, but the idea of never having to buy batteries to keep your sex toy powered is a pretty good one to us. Your sex toy storage tub can be used to actually hold toys, rather than packs and packs of batteries to keep them going through long sex sessions. Some rechargeable sex toy users also feel that this style of sex toy delivers more power overall, and last longer than your standard set of AA batteries. We’ve found that most toys that have the ability to be recharged are of a higher quality overall, with multiple vibration settings, better materials and a longer lasting toy.
Cons: The ability to recharge your battery often comes a higher price. Most rechargeable sex toys can cost close to a hundred dollars, but many rechargeable toy fans feel that the price makes up for the fact they aren’t spending money on batteries any more. Another down side to using rechargeable sex toys is that if you run out of power mid-session, you’ll need to swap to a new toy if you’ve let your first run out of power. Many rechargeable sex toys don’t let you use when they are plugged in. With most rechargeables having three to four hours of use per charging session, as long as you remember to charge ahead of time, you should be good to go!
Travelling with rechargeable sex toys can sometimes be a challenge. Some brands do not come with ‘kill’ switches that make sure that the item isn’t accidentally turned on while stored away in a suitcase. (With a battery powered toy, it’s just a matter of popping out the AAAs.) There are a few ways you can work around this. First is to completely drain the toy and just power it up when you get to your destination. The other option is to insert the power plug into your toy – this will keep the toy from turning on if it’s the style that won’t work when plugged in. Be sure to bring power converters if you’re bringing your sex toy overseas!
So where do you look for great rechargeable sex toys? Some of the most popular ones on the market are sold at Vibedream – Lelo, JimmyJane and OhMyBod. You’ll definitely want to check out all three of these brands, as each have particular qualities that set them apart from the others. While they all do come at a luxury price, we agree that higher end rechargeable toys are definitely the way to do if you’re serious about your body’s pleasure!