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Photographed by Kayoua Xiong

Photographed by Kayoua Xiong

For some, the feel of smooth vinyl against their skin is second to none when it comes to fetishwear. Unfortunately, unlike other lingerie and kinky clothing, you can’t just throw these pieces into your washing machine or into a sink of warm soapy water. Caring for vinyl and PVC clothing does take a few extra steps, but making sure you do it right the first time will ensure that your kinky clothing will last you years to come.

First, you want to store your vinyl items separately – do not have multiple articles of PVC clothing touching each other. This is especially the case with lighter colored PVC touching darker colored PVC. If they are larger pieces, hanging them inside a garment bag is one easy way to be sure they aren’t in contact with other pieces. If you don’t have a garment bag, trash bags or old pillow cases (with holes that the hooked end of the hanger can slip through) will also work. For smaller pieces like lingerie or panties, layering them between other fabrics or tissue paper will allow you to lay them flat and stack them.

Unless your piece of vinyl or PVC clothing is actually dirty, you can just freshen up your garment with a quick wipe down with a damp sponge on the outside, and a bit of odor removing spray (like the ‘Febreeze’ products) on the inside. If they do need a proper washing, you’ll need to do this by hand. In your sink, fill it with lukewarm water and a very small amount of liquid detergent. (Do not use a powdered laundry soap – the grains can stick to the fabric. If it’s all you have, dissolve it completely in a separate container of water first, then add to your sink.) Hand wash both the inside and outside of the garment. Drain off the soapy and dirty water, and rinse your item with cool water until it’s completely rinsed away all the soap.

Drying your PVC clothing is quite easy. Once it’s been washed, turn it inside out and allow to hang until the inside is dry. Then flip the item right side out, allowing that side to dry as well. Keep it out of direct sunlight while drying – this isn’t an item to hang on your outdoor washing line! Don’t even think about putting it into a clothes dryer or using any kind of heat what so ever to speed the drying process. Not only will this potentially melt the PVC, the fumes let off while melting are quite dangerous.

There are certain materials that you need to keep away from your PVC or vinyl lingerie to be sure they last as long as possible. Organic solvents, permanent marker, nail polish and acetone should never been in close proximity to your PVC. If you need something to shine up your vinyl, they do make specific silicone products just for this. (Or you could go to your local auto supply store and pick up silicone spray like ‘Armor All’ for the same use.)