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Don’t be tempted to fit into something that looks sexy on the hanger but not so much on your body. Spoil yourself with sexy lingerie and make yourself feel good.  Finding the right combination that works for you is central to not only making you look hot, but feel hot as well. If you’re having trouble picking lingerie that fits you best, here are some tips from our underwear loving experts!

Bra & Panty Sets – This is the easiest style of lingerie to get to fit correctly, especially if your lower half isn’t in proportion to your top half! Since each piece can be purchased separately, they can be sized to fit your body. Unlike other styles of lingerie sets that just come in small, medium and large, you can dial in the exact bra back size, cup size and panty size that works for you. The great thing about bra and panty sets as well is that you can wear them under your regular clothes of that ‘hidden’ sexiness!

Babydolls – Babydoll style lingerie tends to be fitted at the top and flow outward in a skirt style as you move down the body. This style is great for the ladies who don’t want something form fitting on their stomach, hips and thighs. (It’s also ideal for those that want their lover to have easy access to their bottom half!) Many babydoll sets come with a standard pair of underwear, which are usually sized the same as the babydoll itself, and are typically either thongs or g-strings.

Teddys – Many ladies liken wearing teddies to wearing a one piece swimsuit, but with a whole lot less material! Teddies are single sized pieces that may be better suited for women who have no difficulty slipping into your usual S / M / L / XL size range. (Although a number of manufacturers are now making ‘curvy’ lines of teddies for those women who wear a larger size.)

Corsets & Bustiers – If you like the look of an hourglass figure and a pushed up breast, then corsets and bustiers might just be what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a ‘synched’ look that you see in burlesque performers and medieval dresses, be sure to look for a corset with steel bones and cords for ties. The type made with plastic bones and ribbons times are often less expensive, but they are more for show than function. The great thing about corsets is that the majority of them come in inched sizes, so you can get a fit that is appropriate for your body.

No matter what you choose as far as lingerie goes, always be sure that it not only fits your body correctly, that you are happy with the way that it looks on you. Your underwear might be ‘barely there’, but if you’re not confident in your appearance, it’s going to affect how you’re perceived by your lover in your clothes. As the old saying goes – confidence is sexy!