Luxury Sex Toys To Share With Your Lover July 16, 2014 – Posted in: Adult Toys, Toys – Tags: , , ,

b55ca51d19069f076c74ef0a673d4288There are literally thousands of lesbian sex toys on the market, from your slightly sketchy jelly dildos all the way up to what we at Vibedream love – luxury lesbian pleasure products. Some brands are better known than others, so we’ve included favorites like the Lelo luxury vibrators as well as lesser known artisan pleasure product shops. If we were to pick three luxury lesbian sex toy products we would want on a desert island with our lover – this is what we would choose!

LeloTiani 2 and 3 Couples Vibrator – Ladies around the world know that one of the most popular names in luxury sex toys is Lelo. Now, the LeloTiani is actually made for heterosexual sex – the top arm stimulates the clitoris while the internal arm delivers vibrations to the penetrated penis. But – lesbians have cleverly fund ways to make this setup work for them. During frottage, both the top and bottom woman can enjoy the vibrations from the external arm. The Tiani 3 has a larger external piece which is better suited to this use. The lucky bottom also gets internal vibrations from the second arm – especially if it’s pressed right up against her g-spot!

BS Atelier Dildos & Harnesses – This Spanish studio makes some of the most drool-worthy dildos on the market today. Unlike other dildo retailers that just use the same retailers that every other sex toy shop uses, BS Atelier designs, produces and distributes their own goods. Their dildos are made from high quality silicone and medical grade pigments – as safe as dildos get. They offer both penis shaped realistic dildos as well as those with a non-phallic shape. The flared bases on BS Atelier dildos make them ideal for strap on harnesses, which they also sell. We suggest checking out their Harness – Double Black for a super sexy yet delightfully secure look. Luxury lesbian sex toys don’t get much hotter than this!

Glass Double Dildos from Fucking Sculptures–The majority of double ended dildos you see on the market are floppy tubes of penis-shaped jelly. Not only is this material dangerous due to its porous nature, it has too much ‘give’ to fully enough using a double dildo on two individuals. Fucking Sculptures – a California based glass blowing studio who specialized in luxury sex toys – have solved this problem with a number of their toys. Both the narrower Double Trouble and Pussy Willow can be used by two lovers at once, as well as the much thicker Two-Cumber. Each individual glass sex toy is made to order, with your color requests and size specifications in mind.