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Picking The Perfect Garter Belt & Stockings?

Picking out the perfect set of lingerie typically involved two familiar pieces – garter belts and their accompanying stockings. These items tick so many boxes when it comes to both the overall attraction to lingerie as well as specific fetishes like feet, legs, and those involving panty hose themselves. While it’s very easy to pick up a garter belt and stocking set that works for you, there are a few ways you can go wrong and not look your 100% best. Here’s what you need to know about picking the perfect garter belt and stockings!

Depending on how you plan on wearing your garter belt, the material should be taken into account. Sure, an lace overlay set of suspenders like the Lascivious Kitty Black Suspender would look absolutely amazing on their own, but could possibly leave bumps on a tight fitting pencil skirt. You may want a smooth sided and comfortable garter for everyday wear, but the Kitty Ivory Suspender with its lace draping may be more appealing on the eye. Many women have collections of ‘solo’ garter belts meant to be worn for a short time in the bedroom, with a secondary set for everyday wear.

Garter Belt Coverage
Garter BeltIs less always more? If you want to show off everything you’ve got, opt for a narrow profile garter belt that isn’t much thicker than your standard pants belt. Minimal coverage isn’t always comfortable for all day wear, but is great for those short-term wearing sessions. The mid-range coverage balances out skin for a bit more control. The Myla Suspender can help reduce any belly-pouch that you may be looking to hide. For that ultra-glamorous 20’s look (as well as tummy and thigh control) full length skirt style garters are the way to go!

As far as combining panties and garters go – your garter belt should be higher up your body than your panties – garter on your waist, panties on your hips!

Stocking Patterns
Seamed StockingsMoving past the garters, there’s a great debate on whether or not patterns on stockings are passé. Seamed stockings – those with a line from the heel to the top of the thigh – are some of the most popular stockings out there. Others think that the single-toned versions are the way to go. You don’t want competing patterns with your stockings and garter belt if you’re showing off your lingerie to others.

‘Hold Ups’ v Traditional Stockings
StockingsSome stockings – what the British call ‘hold ups’ are made with a few lines of a sticky material around the top of the stocking that cling to your skin, holding up the stocking on it’s own. While you may think that you might be able to get away with not wearing a garter belt with holdups, anyone who’s had a sweaty night or worn stockings that weren’t brand new out of the box will tell you that you may be playing with fate! We’re of the opinion that all stockings – hold ups or traditional stockings – should have a garter holding them up. You can’t be too safe!