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Has this ever happened to you – in the middle of a super steamy sex session you do something totally cringe worthy? Have you ever wanted to go and hide right in the middle of performing oral sex? Have you stopped intercourse because of a social faux pas? Here are three embarrassing sexual scenarios – and how the participants could have handled them.

Passing Gas During Sex – From Any Number Of Holes: The act of penetration – especially when you’re repeatedly pulling out them pressing back into the body – can introduce some air into the anus or vagina. Some lovers swallow small amounts of air during oral sex. Any of these actions can result in queefing (also known as ‘pussy farts’), farting, or burping. Sure, this is embarrassing, and can be a distraction in the moment, but it happens. If it occurs just once, we’d suggest ignoring it and just keep doing what you’re doing. More than once? Excuse yourself and change things up. Some sex positions are more susceptible for air introduction such as doggy style and cowgirl – avoid these if you’re prone to expelling air! Don’t stop what you’re doing – even the most active anal porn stars fart during their scenes!

Gagging During Oral Sex: This seems to happen to those who are giving fellatio – blow jobs, for short. Being a bit too enthusiastic about your sucking skills can result in triggering your gag reflex at the back of your throat. Don’t be embarrassed by this – some guys prefer it! If your fella isn’t into gagging during blowjobs, our first suggestion would be to slow things down. Pull his penis out of your mouth, swallow, and take a breath before going back in. Your gag reflex will calm down with gentle introduction of a trigger, so be sure you’re only taking on as much as you can handle. You can ‘cheat’ by using desensitizing throat sprays specifically made for blowjobs, but these are only a quick fix for something you can actually adjust yourself over time. The same goes for another frequent sexual embarrassment – being too ticklish. Small adjustments over time will yield to longer lasting results.

Menstrual Mayhem: We’re going to say something some of you may find completely controversial – it’s OK to have sex during a woman’s period. Seriously. Unless there’s some STD issue that you’re concerned about, there’s no reason not to have sex while she’s having a visit from Aunt Flo. We’ve found more often than not that it’s in fact the woman who’s apprehensive about this issue as opposed to the guys. (Ladies – please don’t use tampons to keep the blood at bay while having sex. You can cause some serious damage to your body!) We say it’s time to get over that! If you’re that worried about the ‘mess’ bring the sexy times into the shower. If not, get a few old towels and lay them out on the bed to avoid having to wash all your linens. And yes – it’s true – orgasms can help relieve menstrual craping, so get on that!