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Lelo “Adore Me” Pleasure Set

Save Time & Money with Toy Gift Sets

There are typically two ways you can go with buying sex toy gifts when you’re on a budget – getting a single higher end sex toy that will spend all your money, or a collection of smaller sex toys to make your own adult gift basket. A third option that’s becoming more and more popular in recent months are sex toy gift baskets – reasonably priced collections of sex toys and accessories that not only save you money, but go together as well.

One of the biggest up sides to buying pre-made sex toy gift baskets as opposed to creating your own collection is that you typically save on cost overall. You’ll be paying full retail price for the toys when purchased separately. Usually, the price of the pleasure product gift boxes are less than the value of their individual items. For instance, the Lelo Dare Me Pleasure Set has three separate toys that retail for more than $150 when purchased individually. Not only will you save money when buying the complete gift set from Vibedream, it will also come in a gift box that can be reused for storage.

The other aspect to take into account when getting a gift set is that you can safely assume that they products included can work together. You won’t find gift sets with silicone sex toys containing silicone based lubricant, as the manufacturers know that these two should not be used together. Other times, it’s items that you need to use together to function. The Oh Mi Bod ‘The Neophyte’ set includes the batteries that you need to power the OhMiBod vibrator that is also included in the set. (Along with a how-to book on getting the most from your sex toys.)

Lastly, you’re saving yourself time and hassle. First, you’re not scouring the internet looking for each individual item, as well as a gift box that matches them. Even if you’ve found one web site that has all the desired items, you may be in for a bit of a surprise.

You may think that all sex toy websites have storehouses filled with items that will be collected together and shipped all at once. This may the case with some of the more bespoke and higher end sites, but more and more they are turning to the manufacturer shipping the items to the customer themselves. So your vibrator may be coming from a warehouse in California, the lube from a supplier in Texas and the handcuffs from a shop in New York City – each being sent separately at different times. This can be annoying – especially when you’ve got a looming deadline that you’d like the toys by. Purchasing a singular prepackaged sex toy gift basket will eliminate this muli-shipper issue, getting you all the items at once, in a single shipment.

Save yourself the time, money and hassle by buying gift baskets if you’re taking the ‘many smaller items’ rather than the ‘single high priced item’ approach to your adult gift giving this year!