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Fifty Shades of Gray

For those of you who have read the Fifty Shades series, you may remember a scene where Anastasia was tied to the bed, blindfolded, and had music playing through ear buds set into her ears. You may think that because this scene didn’t involve pain (at least right away) that it’s not a form of BDSM – but it is. “Sensual play” – also known as “sensation play” or “sensual BDSM” is a form of play that involves controlled stimulus that makes the body react as if it’s hurt, but without inflicting actual pain. There are a number of sub-groups to sensual play. We bet you’ve already explored one of these without even knowing it!

Temperature Play – Ice cubes, hot wax and glass sex toys are all commonly used in temperature play – applying toys and tools to the skin that are of a hotter or colder temperature than what is normally experienced. Some, like hot wax, give a momentary instance of pain that raises the body’s endorphins for a brief period of time. Others, like ice cubes, are less painful and can elicit a longer reaction. Glass and metal sex toys are great for temperature play as the toys themselves can be heated or cooled relatively easily.

Sensory Deprivation – Have you ever put on a blindfold while having sex? You took part in a mild form of sensory deprivation. The removal of one or more senses from a situation doesn’t actually ‘improve’ the others, it just causes you to rely on them more. The more senses you take away, the more attention you send to the others. Extreme forms of sensory deprivation include mummification – wrapping the skin completely, covering the eyes and ears, often leaving only small patches of skin exposed for sensory input.

Textural Play – Something as mild as using feathers or fur to ‘tickle’ the skin, or something as extreme as leather gloves with pins attached (also known as vampire gloves) all fall under the heading of textural play. This is stimulating the skin with various textures that will elicit a response. Most couples use the lighter end of the spectrum with fur lined cuffs, feather dusters against the skin, or silk sheets on the bed. Others cross over into more painful stimulus like Wartenberg wheels, which when rolled against the skin leave small pin pricks in the skin.

Clamping & Clipping – Using clamps and clips on the body has a primary purpose of causing a mild level of pain. A secondary result is also causing momentary heightened feeling in the skin once the blood returns to the area. If you’ve ever been clamped on a rather sensitive part of the body – you know what it feels like when that clamp is finally removed!

If you’re looking to ‘dip your toe’ into BDSM in the bedroom, sensory play is a great first step for those who are squeamish with pain. Check out the sensorial play toys we have at Vibedream to find items to add to your toy box!