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Midnight Sparkle Eye Mask – Ivory

Eyemask “Midnight Sparkle ” in Ivory color and has red crystal eyelash motif. Absolutely stunning!

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Midnight Sparkle Eye Mask – Ivory

Vibedream’s “Midnight Sparkle” Eye Mask is both sexy and flattering, luxurious and functional. Hand-crafted of the finest silk, and accentuated with a whimsical crystal closed eye and eyelashes motif, the Midnight Sparkle eye mask will be your favorite accessory.  When you are looking to add a playful element to your lingerie wardrobe, this is your secret weapon of seduction. Or if you just need a good night’s rest, this will be your best friend, as it caresses your skin softly cradling your eyes while shutting out the light. For people who work the night shift, the Midnight Sparkle Eye Mask is a must have. Going on vacation, and want to catch some shut-eye, while still maintaining your glamorous jet-setter style? Toss this into your carry-on and you will be able to relax and sleep in comfort and elegance. This eye mask makes the perfect gift for anyone, especially yourself!