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sexy photographed by Fulvio Maiani

Steamy Sex Facts You Might Not Know…

Ready for some quick and dirty information about everyone’s favorite topic? We’ve gathered up the most OMG-worthy sex facts for you. Some of these may be old news to you, but we bet there are a few doozies in there you’ve not heard before! So – tell us in the comments – how many of these did you already know?
1. Struggling to get in the mood? Cuddle your lover for thirty seconds. Cuddling increases your oxytocin levels and well as increasing your libido.
2. If you’re looking for a longer and stronger orgasm, climb on top. You’re more likely to have a better orgasm in that position.
3. Intercourse can relieve menstrual cramping.
4. The average human in their 20s has sex approximately 112 times per year (on average).
5. Salt sprinkled on your tongue before giving a blowjob can help calm your gag reflex.
6. When it comes to how it feels for a woman, the condom has no effect. Ladies are just as likely to have an orgasm when their lover is wearing a condom as they are when he’s not using protection.
7. Most women need 20 minutes of foreplay to reach orgasm.
8. You may already know that breast tissue swells up during sex – but it can increase your bust size by up to 25% during this temporary growth!
9. It is possible for a guy not to ejaculate but still orgasm. While they are typically timed at the same moment, they are two independent systems.
10. Semen isn’t exactly low-carb – it’s mostly made of sugars.
11. There’s no need to be embarrassed about your one night stand. More than 70% of women have at least one during their lifetime.
12. The average orgasm for a woman lasts approximately 25 seconds. Unfortunately for the fellas, theirs only last around seven seconds!
13. Only 15% of the male population has a penis that’s over seven inches long.
14. Just like your nose and ears, the clitoris never stops growing. By the time you’re 32, your clit is roughly four times larger than it was during puberty.
15. A woman’s chances of orgasming increases as they get older.
16. Guys think about sex on average 19 times per day. The ladies come in at just over half that, with an average of ten times per day.
17. Thirty minutes of sex burns around 200 calories.
18. When you touch the sides of a man’s torso, it triggers off nerve endings that help make his erection harder.
19. The average vagina has a length of four inches, and can expand by up to 200% when aroused.
20. Want to delay a guy’s orgasm? By squeezing the sides of the tip of his penis, you can buy a few more minutes before the big O happens. Dominatrixes use this method for ‘tease and denial’.
21. The guy with the largest penis in the world has been stopped by airport security for a ‘suspicious bulge’. How big is he? 23cm flaccid and 34cm erect.
22. Ejaculate leaves the penis at a speed of 28 miles per hour.
23. 1% of the female population can orgasm from just nipple stimulation.