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While most sex lube’s don’t have an expiration date, you really should only keep them for a year at most. After a while the chemicals in the lubricant – especially those with numbing agents or spermicide – can lose their effectiveness. If you’ve got a bottle of lube around that is nearing its retirement age, you may find those last few handfuls can be used for something other than keeping your sexy times slick and slippery.

Shoe care – Have you bought a new pair of shoes that are rubbing you the wrong way? Apply some silicone lubricant to your skin where the shoe is irritating – over your Achilles’s tendon, on your heel, the sides of your toes, etc. The thick lubricant will help prevent chafing or blisters forming on your skin. Another way to use lube on shoes is to keep them shining. Patent leather shoes can polished with silicone sex lube! (We don’t suggest using the flavored ones, unless you want your kicks smelling like faux strawberries.)

Going the distance – If you’re a distance runner, you may be using specialized lotion to keep your skin from chafing. You could also use sex lube on the insides of your thighs, over your nipples, or any other part of your body that could use some protection while you run. Silicone based sex lube will last you longer than your standard water based variety, and won’t wash away if you’re a sweaty runner. It’s also often cheaper than your lotion designed for the running market!

Skin maintenance – Staying on the topic of skin care, using water based lube on your rough spots will work as well as your basic moisturizing cream when it comes to winter skin. We love using it on our rough elbows and cracked heels. This is also a great use for those scented cream style lubes! Happen to have a few packets of lube trials hanging around? Throw one in your handbag for some moisturizer on the go.

Craft corner – Snow globes – it seems that everyone has a few hanging around their house come Christmastime. Did you know that you can use sex lube as the liquid inside? Glycerin is often the standard ingredient used as it will slow down the rate of falling for the ‘snow’ inside, as opposed to water. You can substitute water based sex lube for the glycerin – although you may want to pour it into a non-adult themed container if you’re going to be doing crafts with the under 18 crowd!

Lubricate those squeaky parts – Have a door hinge that’s driving you mad with creaks and squeaks? A sticky doorknob that seems to grab onto your key? Squirt some silicone based lubricant into those corners! At its most basic form, silicone is an industrial lubricant that’s just been diluted down and made safe for the body. That doesn’t mean you still can’t use it for its original purpose! Hair clippers, bike chains, screen door springs – they can all benefit from a little lubrication now and then.