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Lascivious Lingerie

Lascivious Lingerie

What to Do When He Wants to Receive?

For some ladies, finding out that their male lover wants to try anal sex can be somewhat confusing. What to Do When He Wants to Receive? No, we aren’t talking about giving anal sex – as in receiving. We’re here to tell you that this doesn’t mean that he’s gay (or even bi). What it does mean is that he wants a part of his body stimulated that can add so much more to his sexual experience, as well as yours! There are certain parts of a man’s body that can only be stimulated through the anal cavity – and that’s the prostate gland.

Just like ladies have their g-spot, fellas have a p-spot. Some lucky guys can orgasm just from stimulating this gland without anything else, while others enjoy enhanced orgasms through prostate stimulation. Some guys are able to enjoy prostate massage by pressure on their perineum, but most need rectal pleasure to get the job done. One of the most pleasurable ways to stimulate the male p-spot is through what’s called ‘pegging’ – or when a woman wears a strapon dildo and has anal sex with a man.

If your man has not engaged in anal sex on a regular basis, we suggest going through a standard anal training procedure, which we’ve covered in a previous blog post. Once he’s able to take a dildo-sized sex toy, that’s when the fun begins. Picking out a strapon set can be a bit confusing – which is why we also covered that task in yet another Vibedream blog post. Once you have your perfect strapon and enough lube to keep your lover happy, it’s time to enjoy yourselves.  One note on lube – while desensitizing lubricant can help get over some of the worry about pain with anal sex, it shouldn’t be your only way to prevent discomfort during the act. Proper anal training is key – slow and steady definitely wins this particular race!

Some anal sex newbies worry about the mess – this tends to be one of those things that’s more of a ‘in your head’ worry than something that is actually a problem. If you are concerned about possible cleanup, there are some lovers who use enemas and anal douching as part of their anal foreplay. This is especially in the case of a Dominatrix & submissive situation, and can be quite erotic on its own. Even if you don’t take part in BDSM or other Top/bottom style play, enemas can help alleviate some of that worry when it comes to anal cleanup.

Like any new sex act, communication is key. Just as ladies may need a certain speed, pressure or location to get off their g-spot, this is the same for the guys. Encourage him to let you know when you’re hitting the right spot. If your man isn’t a talker in the bedroom, look for signs that he’s enjoying himself. If you’re completely lost, dirty talk can go a long way. Encourage him to moan!